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Posted 12:01 am, 07/22/2021

A farmer told me that he'd found turkey nests that had been destroyed by crows on his farm. They wait until the turkeys are off the nest and eat and destroy the eggs or the young poults.


Posted 11:42 pm, 07/21/2021

Been feeding a family of deer and a rafter of turkey's about six weeks now.

Them turkeys sure don't be liking them crows at all!!!!


Posted 9:02 pm, 07/21/2021

The coyotes have seemed to left around here, but a couple of years ago you could hear them yelping or whatever they do all night long......


Posted 8:53 pm, 07/21/2021

I just came in from my daily trip to the DG. I looked across my pasture and saw a big doe standing on her back legs reaching for some browse in a tree. She did this several times. I see a lot of deer but never any small ones. I think the coyotes get them.


Posted 8:37 pm, 07/21/2021

I've got one at my house too.


Posted 8:26 pm, 07/21/2021

Oh gosh, i've started another political thread....


Posted 8:23 pm, 07/21/2021

That faun would have run even faster if it had been aware of your political views.


Posted 8:16 pm, 07/21/2021

This morning seen the First Fawn for me this year.. The Mother and it were grazing in the back yard but it was so tiny one would think it was just born.. I walked out and they just stood there staring at me, i take a couple of steps and the baby starts running like a scared rabbit even the mom couldn't keep up with him/her.. Yet, it was so cute and active looking to weigh only 10-15 pounds at most....

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