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Christians cannot also be Publicans
https://thehill.com/opinion...nd the gop

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer
https://news.yahoo.com/supr...00070.html Should retire now.

Will Democrats abandon Anthony Fauci now?
Media darling Anthony Fauci, caught lying to congress and the American people. He WAS invested in the deaths of over 500 thousand people ...

Bidenís administration caught lying again
The administration that estimated that 100 hundreds were still stranded and left in Afghanistan under his withdrawal after pledging that ...

Rumplickers donít realize what a mess Rump left for JoltiníJoe

Trump shoots someone and gets by with it.

No wanderlust
I don't recall The Rump leaving USA since being deposed by the people, anyone know why?

Little Commie Cooper
As you head to polls .... ask yourself if you like the way things are going and if you want to vote for a radical liberal Democrat

The rest of the story
So ships are piling up at Long Beach waiting to get unloaded. The port is jammed full of containers with no place to stack more. The libe...

Talk of Secession
https://dnyuz.com/2021/10/2...the state

Traffic 421
I do not understand why people drive up the mountain just to look at the mountain just look out outside tree's around changing colors was...

Letís do some math on $15 minimum wage. Maybe it will work and maybe not.
This is not an anti raise post. Personally I've become closer to agreeing with the wage increase. A typical busy restaurant has over 200 ...

Global Warming Alert

Something really strange going on
This anti mask and anti vaccine movement is weird. Why is the right so determine to keep the people from protecting themselves?

Sunday worship is the day man shows THEIR superiority over God.
God said if you Will obey my voice you will be my people Jesus said that if you keep the Commandments of God you will receive Eternal Lif...

Brian Minton
announced that he's not running for reelection for county commissioner. Has anyone heard what he's going to run for next? Maybe Jeffrey E...

Now Hiring, fake?
I've seen a million Now Hiring signs, but I also know a bunch of people that have been applying for jobs and can't get a call back. I rec...

Alright, now, Uncle Joe...
Biden's early presidency getaways so far outpace Trump's A CNN analysis of Biden's public schedule indicates the President has spent a si...

burning cds to usb
Does anyone know somebody that can copy a cd to a memory stick (usb)? I have traded cars and it doesn't have a cd player in it.

Caption this 😎
https://steadystate.org/wp ...00x143.png


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