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Biden wants to hit the Strategic Reserve Again
Our emergency oil reserve is at a 40 year low already because of his stupidity. You folks really have got our country in a bad condition....

OPEC plans on a production cut tomorrow
Biden chose to sell our strategic reserves instead of allowing more production. What will the do this time?

Tyson's decision deals another blow to Chicago's business community after hedge fund Citadel said in June it was moving its global headqu...

Why do Rumplickers excuse Rumpís shameful surrender in Afghanistan?

Patriot of the Month
Presodent Trump sent me an email naming me Patriot of the Month. For which I can send a contribution of at least $50.00 which will benefi...

Worst President Ever
https://youtu.be/0z2Ij1 cUZs

What's for dinner?
Haven't seen this thread in a bit, but I always enjoyed it : ) Tonight I grilled thick cut tomahawk pork chops, with Parmesan red russet ...

Sorry for the down time!
I'm really not sure what happened that time, I can't find a hardware or software problem. But I have it back online, so I'm keeping my fi...

The literal handmaids tale
https://notthebee.com/artic... surrogacy

Let me get this straight? The Ten Commandments No longer exist? As Christian Religion say???
Good Master, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life? 18 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good bu...

BLM the Scam
We all knew BLM was just a racist guilt trip for folks like Bestill and so is the Woke Joke. However the guilt ridden liberals jumped onb...

gop'ers Mus Be Proud Again ? Read it For Yourself
https://truthout.org/articl...f funding/ What a wonderful bunch to support ?

You don't want to be a slave to OPEC?
Buy an EV and a $4K solar system. That will take care of more than 95% of your driving.

Sin is the transgression of the law.
Why REPENT if you going to keep SINNING?

U.S. national debt surpasses $31 trillion for first time
$31,000,000,000,000. That's a lot of zeros. A trillion seconds is about 30,000 years, for perspective. And neither party is willing to st...

You need to learn what the term "Equity" means
It is one of the most racist terms you could apply to anyone. It is an admission that someone cannot compete without help. Unless you &qu...

dont gas up in wilkes
gas 313 in elkin and up to 335 in wilkes does this make any sense at all

As seen in PA
https://www.gowilkes.com/pm...1844 0.jpg

Here's why dr.s are pro groomer $$$$
https://notthebee.com/artic...the decade

Kamala is doing a great job with foreign relations!
https://www.gowilkes.com/pm...7334 0.jpg


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