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33.62% of COVID survivors suffer from long term brain disease


Posted 4:57 pm, 04/08/2021

Are you talking about guns, vaccines, or...oh, Lord, who knows?


Posted 4:10 pm, 04/08/2021

The only true confusion here is in the folks that believe that your government is telling you the truth and has your best interests in mind.


Posted 3:33 pm, 04/08/2021

You've been a paranoid old bat for the last 14 months. It must be miserable to live in such fear


Posted 3:11 pm, 04/08/2021

anti can you possibly re - think your post and link, "Long term" may be key words to consider for Vital organs in ones body.....


Posted 2:08 pm, 04/08/2021

Me too, Caj...

Tmann seems confused. There's nothing saying that someone that has had COVID is automatically labeled as having a mental disorder, I can't understand how he (she?) made such a nonsensical leap.

The issue is that 1/3 of the people that HAVE had COVID have later been diagnosed with a long term neurological or psychiatric disorder.

Previous studies have shown that COVID stays in the brain, liver, kidneys, heart, and gastrointestinal tract LONG after the symptoms go away:

This study showing such a prevalence of long term brain disease echoes those previous studies.


Posted 2:01 pm, 04/08/2021

Something tells me Tmann has been diagnosed before.


Posted 1:47 pm, 04/08/2021

My position is that labeling people who have had an illness as have mental issues the left is planning to us this as a way to restrict those people from gun ownership.

But you of course know that.


Posted 1:30 pm, 04/08/2021

Let me get this straight... you're an open advocate for "crazy people" to have guns with no restriction?

The "red flag" laws require family members to go to a judge and show why they think someone is mentally unstable and should not be allowed to have guns, then the judge reviews the evidence and makes a decision. Are you arguing that people that become psychotic after having COVID should still be allowed to have guns?


Posted 1:18 pm, 04/08/2021

You have decided not to see the back door agenda of Democrats

If crazy people cant have guns you have to worry about the definition of crazy and who is making that decision.


Posted 1:15 pm, 04/08/2021

What in the... ? The replies here make absolutely no sense.


Posted 9:48 am, 04/08/2021





Posted 9:45 am, 04/08/2021

Nothing more than the next attempt at taking guns....you know based on that mental issue.

sparkling water

Posted 9:37 am, 04/08/2021

All leftists suffer similarly.


Posted 5:39 am, 04/08/2021

Perhaps it was created In a lab???


Posted 12:26 am, 04/08/2021

Among 236,379 patients diagnosed with COVID-19, the estimated incidence of a neurological or psychiatric diagnosis in the following 6 months was 33.62%

Diagnoses include intracranial haemorrhage, ischaemic stroke, parkinsonism, dementia, anxiety disorder, psychotic disorder, and others.

People need to understand that COVID is not simply a "does it kill you" virus, but that countless studies have found that it stays in the body for the rest of your life, causing a decreased life expectancy and poorer quality of life.

To me, this is especially concerning with children... they may not show immediate symptoms, but we do not yet know how it will affect them later in life.

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