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5th 6th Super Bowl


Posted 4:54 pm, 02/02/2022

Day and time of this matchup please and location.


Posted 2:37 pm, 02/01/2022

Can someone tell me when the Panthers play on Sunday?

Colonel Mustard

Posted 1:24 pm, 01/26/2022

This has nothing on the 3 and 4 year old Super Bowl! Any game involving kids this young and in the great state of Wilkes ,is akin to being an assistant chef at KFC.Le Sigh


Posted 1:49 pm, 12/27/2021

"Super Bowl"? If the NFL catches wind of this, you all are gonna get sued back to Norway.


Posted 1:24 pm, 10/31/2021

If my memory serves me correct Alleghany has beat north more times in this Super Bowl then north has them and really dude the entire league knows the truth about the kids held back on your em famous super bowl team. Y'all will be in for rude awakening come 7/8 and high school north has never produced winning programs there has never been enough talent there. And now their gone up to different conference which lessens their chances even more.


Posted 1:12 pm, 10/31/2021

And the outcome was? Please fill us in. Our anxiety is getting the best of us until we find out a result?


Posted 1:12 pm, 10/29/2021

The undefeated North Wilkes Vikings take on the somehow undefeated Trojans. By luck of a coin toss the Trojans beat Wilkes central and got the number one seed. A team they might have beaten but we easily demolished them. But I'll tell you guys one thing. The Vikings will travel up to the top of that trashy mountain and plant their flag at the 50 yard line, after they demolish the Trojans and once again prove that Trojan field is OUR HOUSE. Our offensive attack will prove to be too much for the at best average Trojans defense. Our powerful running backs will run through that D Line like they're butter. So good luck Trojans you're going to need it. P.S. we will send you a super bowl champions shirt since you won't be able to win it yourselves.

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