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Winter weather


Posted 2:03 pm, 10/09/2023

Since I'm retired I can stay inside and look at the pretty blizzard ❄️ ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️


Posted 10:26 am, 10/09/2023

According to Van Denton :


Posted 6:12 pm, 10/08/2023



Posted 12:16 pm, 10/08/2023

Snow, sleet and freezing rain within the next 120 days 🤣

DB Cooper

Posted 8:28 am, 10/08/2023

The Almanac has the worst forecasts of anyone. Including the wooly worm


Posted 2:44 pm, 10/06/2023

From the Almanac...

Region 4: SOUTHEAST (Region 4)

Precipitation: We expect a wet winter with above-normal precipitation and snowfall for the Southeast (most of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia). The best chances for snow occur in late January and mid-February. We do not expect a white Christmas.

Temperature: Unlike much of the U.S., the Southeast will have a mild winter with above-normal temperatures overall. The coldest periods will arrive in late December and early and mid-February.


I think that we're right on the line between Region 3 and 4, so Boomer might be in Region 3 where Rock Creek would be in Region 4. But I'm not positive.

Whiskey Slick

Posted 2:15 pm, 10/06/2023

I'm a little suspicious when every weatherman in the country is calling for a harsh snowy winter.


Posted 12:57 pm, 10/06/2023

surfee, Ray's forecast is the dem version so it ain't based on science no decent republican listens to cause they's mornlikely climate chance conspiracy mixed in it.

DB Cooper

Posted 11:59 am, 10/06/2023

A strong El Niño is expected to remain in place through this winter.

El Niño winters tend to be snowier than average in parts of the South and mid-Atlantic.

DB Cooper

Posted 9:34 pm, 10/02/2023

Winter starts October 8th this year. If you don't believe it hide and watch.


Posted 8:29 pm, 10/02/2023

I'm stocked up on Oak and Hickory farwood. Our cabin will be toasty this winter. Nothing like home cooked meal on wood cook stove.


Posted 8:14 pm, 10/02/2023

I'm waiting on Ray's fearless forecast…..best I know of.


Posted 6:48 pm, 10/02/2023

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!!!!


Posted 5:59 pm, 10/02/2023

Let it snow 👍 I'm retired now, can stay at home and watch it snow 😃

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 5:09 pm, 10/02/2023

I opened a persimmon seed this morning! Much to my dismay it was a spoon! I was hoping for a fork or knife, but no, it was a spoon. Get your shovels ready.


Posted 4:36 pm, 10/02/2023

I'm a waiting on the Wooly Worm...closer to the end of the month, it will let us know!!!


Posted 4:15 pm, 10/02/2023

Are anyone on this site who is watching the winter forecast able to tell what the long-term winter prediction are? I know Dale61 and weatherguy1072 would tell in the past but I'm not sure if they are still around. I myself enjoy the s word but I know many of you may not. Thank you.

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