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We have been going about this all wrong


Posted 3:45 pm, 06/12/2024

Yes, you are going about this all wrong. Just mind your own business and let people live their life.


Posted 2:18 pm, 06/12/2024

Well Thommyperv, your comments and claims about the LGBT community proves that you're a liar and that you've had next to none experience with said groups.

You're nothing more than a troll hiding his attractions looking for attention.


Posted 1:57 pm, 06/12/2024

I deliberately left out and/or violent, but the definition still applies. I have no way of knowing if you're violent however I do know by your rhetoric that you're a bigot.

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 1:43 pm, 06/12/2024

Had you read below you would have noted that my position was reasoned out based my experience and many interactions with freaks and Democrats. So. It was a decision on my part. Not bigotry. And your definition is incomplete so as to hide your dishonesty.


Posted 1:34 pm, 06/12/2024

f*xxy, bigot also describes you and when it comes to lying you come a close second to Trump, and he's the world's champion liar. It's possible many of your lies might be stated out of ignorance rather than intention to deceive. Could that be due to the one channel (Faux News) TV you watch, or that "superior" private school you attended?


Posted 12:50 pm, 06/12/2024

It would be nice for you to pay as much attention to content as you do grammar maybe you wouldn't get caught in so many lies


Posted 12:45 pm, 06/12/2024

Bigot: Unreasoning adherent of a creed or a view. That describes you to a "T" Tommy.

By the way, there are very few people on this site that are qualified to correct my grammar, and yew aint wun uv 'em!

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 12:30 pm, 06/12/2024

Apparently you don't understand the meaning of bigotry nor have you applied it correctly in this situation.


Posted 10:42 am, 06/12/2024

Tommy, I'd piss on you even if you weren't on fire, it just might just wash some of that bigotry off you.

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 9:43 am, 06/12/2024

You have to remember Democrats don't know what a woman is.


Posted 8:51 am, 06/12/2024

I know what sex i am . I produced 2 kids from down below


Posted 8:37 am, 06/12/2024

Have you had yours checked Hangy, or are you just going by behavioral preferences.?


Posted 8:36 am, 06/12/2024


Posted 8:32 am, 06/12/2024

Look what this country has be came . Kids are being brain washed . They dont even know what sex they are who they are

Have you had your chromosomes checked?


Posted 8:32 am, 06/12/2024

Look what this country has be came . Kids are being brain washed . They dont even know what sex they are who they are


Posted 6:57 am, 06/12/2024

They for sure ain't no fellers more nonracial and caring and inclusive than u, dog. Ask them colorful w***es which u asked Santy for last year if that ain't right.

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 6:44 am, 06/12/2024

Democrats favorite activity = recreational rage.


Posted 6:18 am, 06/12/2024

Thomas I couldn't agree with you more. Just look at the democrats on this thread spinning what you or I say as racist, uncaring, not inclusive... Well like you I just dont care and I too wouldn't piss on a democrat if it was on fire.

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 10:03 pm, 06/11/2024

Apparently you don't understand what I don't care means.


Posted 9:46 pm, 06/11/2024

I love how in the span of a couple hours you've gone from "I'm chill and I just don't care" to "I would watch them burn to death in front of me and do nothing to help" lol

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 8:41 pm, 06/11/2024

I feel free to make fun of anyone I choose. I also feel free to show compassion to anyone I choose. But you can bet you arse I wouldn't piss on a Democrat or a freak to put them out of fire.

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