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How to solve the issue of teaching the bible in public schools


Posted 2:18 am, 09/16/2021

No religion of any kind taught in schools!


Posted 12:17 am, 09/16/2021

You folks still don't understand Jesus. Why not teach Jesus everyday? Maybe if you start learning what the Bible actually says you would know the difference between the world and living for Jesus.


Posted 11:43 pm, 09/15/2021


Posted 10:36 pm, 09/15/2021

Yeah, that's unconstitutional too.


Posted 8:30 pm, 09/15/2021

Cent have you not noticed "I" could care less what Christianity does. I Follow Jesus. You CHRISTIANS make a conscious decision to follow SATAN.. I'm here calling Christianity lies half-truths and fables.. I do what Jesus says to do. I'm going home to be with the Father of All. You CHRISTIANS are not. Why??? because you follow the CHRISTIAN RELIGION.. it's time people start stand up for Jesus the Christ. Y'all people can read stop being hypocrites.


Posted 8:05 pm, 09/15/2021

Is Mikey not aware that many denominations observe the sabbath on Sunday: Methodists, Episcopalians, Baptists etc.


Posted 7:38 pm, 09/15/2021

Mike, you notice that those laws don't exist anymore. Like slavery, they were unconstitutional and have been done away with. We are an evolving country. People like you want to take us back to blue laws and slavery by using religion. Not going to happen.


Posted 7:32 pm, 09/15/2021

America is enforcing Christianity. Blue laws were to help the Catholic CHRISTIAN RELIGION get people in church on Sunday. Just like Constantine had ordered many years ago that government offices to be closed on Sunday operas closed on Sunday so people could go to Catholic Church on Sunday going away with God's holy Sabbath day.


Posted 7:25 pm, 09/15/2021

hillbilly666 (view profile)

Posted 5:24 pm, 09/15/2021

That's against the 1st amendment Michael

No it's against the Constitution for government to start a religion. Oh wait
. The government encourage the CHRISTIAN RELIGION. Government started the the Blue laws WHICH IS AGAINST GOD. Gives way to RELIGIOUS HOLY DAYS. YOUR GOVERNMENT IS GUILTY ...


Posted 5:30 pm, 09/15/2021

There you go, sparkling. Good question.


Posted 5:27 pm, 09/15/2021

Mike want an American Taliban. He wants religion in school so in a few years he can cut off nonbeliever's heads. Nonbelievers meaning anyone who disagrees with him. Ain't that what all religions wants?

sparkling water

Posted 5:26 pm, 09/15/2021

What made the OP think there was an issue to be solved ??


Posted 5:24 pm, 09/15/2021

That's against the 1st amendment Michael.


Posted 5:23 pm, 09/15/2021

Yea all the other religions in the US would really like that. Just keep religion out of schools. That will fix the problem. Or, we could teach that there is no God in schools.


Posted 5:16 pm, 09/15/2021

Teach Jesus not religion.

And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel


Posted 12:58 pm, 09/15/2021

It all comes down the old question did God create man or did man create God?


Posted 12:54 pm, 09/15/2021

There has been violence since humans started walking upright. Frankly, we probably have less, per capita, now than we did at any point in history. The trick is that we all know about everything that happens within minutes of it happening.

If you take religion out of the equation, there would be even less. God and his minions just stir the crap pot.


Posted 12:17 pm, 09/15/2021

Sometimes I hear my father talk about moral decline and kids these days. Then he has a couple beers and starts telling me stories from when he was young and ****ed if he and his friends weren't doing the craziest stuff I've ever heard back in the 70s. Fighting constantly, drinking and driving sneaking into bars and clubs. Way more violence and trouble than me or any of my friends ever got up to. Seems like the consequences were much less severe then. Every high school in wilkes has a cop in it now ready to bust you for whatever. There's active shooters now, which seems to be a problem of the current era, but I'm willing to bet there's way less fights in schools now than then.


Posted 11:46 am, 09/15/2021


Posted 10:32 pm, 09/14/2021

The decline of the belief of a God in this country coincides closely with the rise of violence in schools.

Not believing in a god actually reduces violence. It's the ones that believe in some sky daddy that think they are right and everyone else is wrong.

Show me one school shooter who's parents didn't have some sort of religion.


Posted 11:30 pm, 09/14/2021

Really? Do you want the religious nuts on here to be teaching your kids morals? They think Donald Trump is Jesus.

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