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Biden crime family


Posted 9:06 am, 03/19/2023

According to House Oversight Committee chair Comer they are less than 10% of the way through the banking records of los bidens.


Posted 9:01 am, 03/19/2023

Trump is a business man doing business. Seriously he has multiple businesses around the world.
Joe Biden is a career politician getting paid off and building money up for himself and his family. Joe Biden has already lied about the money when bank records show he received money.


Posted 2:38 am, 03/19/2023

Of course it doesn't. And I'm fully in favor of an investigation.

What concerns me is that Trump received hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign governments while in office, which is fully documented... but the GOP thinks that's just wonderful.

Why do you think that one should be investigated, but not the other?


Posted 5:53 pm, 03/18/2023

CNN anchor Erin Burnett admitted that revelations showing members of the Biden family received over a million dollars from accounts linked to Hunter Biden's Chinese business associates certainly don't "look good" for the embattled Hunter Biden and his family as they face government investigations into their alleged corruption.

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